Pat Miller Screenology

No Oscar, No Emmy… My award was always for participation. I do not mean this in any way other than pride. I feel very fortunate to have been involved with the people, the events and the productions that brought us all together. The memories I have are even more so cherished as I find that people I’ve never met are still interested and still watching. I thank you all.

Maximum Overdrive: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (1986) Joe


Raw Deal: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (1986) Bartender
Blue Velvet: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (1986) Club MC
*content available on Blu Ray edition – Deleted Scenes
Terror in the Night: CBS TV Movie (1994) Larry Wallace
Tv episodes: Lovejoy – The Lost Colony: BBC (1993) Indian
New Girl: ABA Productions (1985) Brad
Rockin’ Road Trip: Triad Entertainment Group (1985) Jewel Thief